Monday, December 26, 2011

Project 40 to 41: Holiday Version

OK, so get this: I got "Just Dance" for Christmas. So psyched. Took it out of its shiny cellophane wrapper yesterday and danced for 40 minutes solid -- even with the boys butting in to get their grooves on. My nine-year-old was a riot. All over the place.

Then, with the boys out of school for winter break today, we hit the gym and rented a tennis court for an hour. I was busy getting a pedicure for the first bit -- but then my pretty red toes and I caught the second half. (I know. It was fantastic day.) Neither my 12-year-old nor I have mastered this tennis thing yet, but we managed to rally for 16 straight hits at one point, so we were feeling pretty cocky by the time we left. Plus all the wild hits had me ALL over the court, so I got a better-than-average racket workout. (We don't pay much attention to out-of-bounds lines.)

Tomorrow it's back to work. Workout plan: Huh. I'm not sure yet. But if the temps stay as freakishly high as they've been, it'll probably include Miss Daisy.

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