Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Major Fail

I can hardly face those of you following my Project 40 to 41 progress.

We'll leave the details and excuses out and just say we can up the ante from two inactive days... to seven. The holidays were a killer.

But it's a fresh new day! And what did I do with my fresh new day? Pilates!

The gym I go to just started offering free Pilates mat classes (they used to charge for them and I'm far too cheap for that) -- so I signed right on up. Today's hour-long intro class was a lot of chatting and basics, but I'm still counting on feeling the burn tomorrow when I wake up.

I do believe I'm going to need to sign up for more classes. The shiny motivation newness of exercising alone has worn off. Way off. So: Wednesdays is Pilates. There, done.

Other ideas? I'm all ears.

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