Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project 40 to 41: Variety, baby!

I'm in the groove. I've figured out the big, hot tip (at least this week): Change it up.

In the last few days, my workouts have consisted of: swimming laps, walking the dog, jumping on the trampoline at the gym, grooving on the elliptical machine, taking a Pilates class, and -- get this -- biking. In January. In a puffy vest instead of a coat.

It's pretty cool. I'm really feeling great, too. Although that might have something to do with the fact that I've been laying off the sugar for the last week. I'm something of a candy junkie, so this is a big deal. I've been watching labels for added sugar and it turns out it's in EVERYTHING. I'm eating Kashi cereal, bushels of fruits and veggies, and I haven't had a candy bar in a week.

It would actually have been nice if I'd not noticed a difference. Then I could say, "See? Guess I can keep eating my sweets."

But no. I feel healthier. No so sluggish in the afternoon. Sleeping better.

Sigh. Looks like it's almond-and-flaxseed snack bars for me for the foreseeable future....

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