Monday, July 19, 2010

Viva la Summer Camp

I remember, with fairly amazing recall, the camps I attended as a kid. There was Girl Scout day camp, a 4-H overnighter, a conservation camp in which I was one of three girls, a couple of church camps, and a week-long stint at a French language camp.

I had my share of painted wood nametags.

But I never ventured off on anything so cool as what my kiddos are doing this week.

I dropped my sons off this morning at Clay Animation camp -- where they're actually learning to animate their own movies. The day camp is being held at Crossing at Carnegie, an arts center in Zumbrota, Minnesota, a small town about 30 minutes north of Rochester.

Crossings plays host to a number of arts classes and opportunities, as well as frequent live music. It's a quaint little place surrounded by wildflower gardens and housed in an old Carnegie library. (Get it? Get it? Crossing at Carnegie?) If you live in the area and want to learn more, you can check Crossings out here:

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