Friday, July 16, 2010

Two Decades and Counting

No sooner did I settle back in Rochester than I hit the highway again. After a 12-hour road trip with my friend Nenna, I'm snuggled cozily in bed at my parents' house in Thief River Falls.

(The drive to TRF isn't usually a 12-hour trip. But seeing as our mantra was, "We have all day!", we took full advantage. Stops for bathroom breaks, pizza parlors, the cabin, a friend's house, and a photo opp with Paul Bunyan and Babe stretched the schedule.)

So what am I doing away from home again without my husband and kiddos? This weekend marks my 20-year high school reunion. To mark the occasion, I've been taking little walks down memory lane. Here are a few tidbits.

In 1990:

...a gallon of gas cost $1.34. In 1990, I was driving a cream-colored Chevette with fenders held together with bungee cords. And I only had to put in $5 of gas a week.

...Milli Vanilli was exposed! Lip synchers! This broke my heart, as my friend Lynn and I spent more time than I'd like to admit practicing Milli Vanilli's dance moves in front of the TV to their videos. ("Girl you know it's true...")

... the movie Dances With Wolves was released.
I went to Dances in Bemidji during my freshman year at BSU. I sobbed so hard that my friend Cathy asked if I wanted to leave early. (I didn't.)

... Vanilla Ice sings "Ice, Ice Baby."
A group of my friends made a special trip down to Minneapolis just to watch the Ice-man at club First Ave. I didn't go, but secretly wish I had.

...the first known World Wide Web page is written.
I won't have an e-mail address ( for another six years.

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