Sunday, July 4, 2010

Literary Bliss

If you don't count the spotty Internet access and lack of air conditioning (and I don't), life is great in Vermont. I've spent the last seven days attending lectures and readings and workshops and hanging out with other writers. I suppose in some -- and probably many -- circles, this would be considered geeky. But all I can say is: Life is good.

The campus here is beautiful and seeped with history, and Montpelier is the quintessential New England town. Since the campus actually sits up on a hill, I try to squeeze in time every couple days to venture down, down, down the hill and into town, where there are several bookshops, a fantastic old library and some cool restaurants. Every time I'm here, I wish I could take my family and all my friends along to experience Vermont and VCFA with me.

To my great excitement, I landed my first choice advisor for the coming semester. I'll be working with Sara Mansfield Taber, who has done a great deal of writing and teaching. She's actually my workshop leader during this residency, as well, and I've been impressed by her feedback and insight. I think it's going to be a fabulous final semester for me.

Final semester -- wow. I'm constantly reminded that I'm almost done here at VCFA. In six months, which will undoubtedly fly by, I'll have finished my MFA and will be back for my graduation residency. As hard as it is to be away from my family and "real life" during the residencies... this really is a fantastic experience.

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