Sunday, March 4, 2012

Feeling the love for words

It's March! A fresh start! So let's start, shall we?

I'm supposed to be writing my column tonight, but instead I'm sipping Tea Forte (holy crud, this stuff is good) and writing to authors.

This is my new thing (fresh start!): Following authors on Facebook and Twitter and sending them little love notes disguised as random comments. But not random. Not at all.

My new favs? Cheryl Strayed, whom I heard read at the AWP 2012 conference over the weekend. Man, that was some powerful stuff. It was like the entire room held its breath. Her memoir, Wild, comes out later this month. [The full title is actually Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail.]

I also heard Stephen Elliott from The Rumpus read his first Letter in the Mail. I'm a subscriber, so I'd read it -- a few times, actually. But hearing Elliott read it aloud? That, my friends, was a dream.

I'm so not finishing my column tonight. I'm too antsy. So, in the meantime, enjoy last week's edition -- all about how I paid someone to squeeze my boobs. (It wasn't Dave Barry, but he plays into this column as well.)

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