Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Crazy or Cool? The Verdict's Not In

The latest Jen's World was posted on the Post-Bulletin site this morning. You can read it there, or wait a couple days and I'll post it here, as well.

It's about taking my sixth grader to the midnight showing of Hunger Games last week. Was it the most responsible thing to do? Nah. Did Christian get enough sleep that night? Certainly not. Was I an eye-bag-wearing zombie the next morning? Hell yes.

Would I do it again? Without a doubt. What a great memory we'll have -- just the two of us.

Funny related story: We didn't tell my nine-year-old that we were going. Didn't want him to feel bad, didn't want to argue about it, and I figured what he doesn't know...

So Christian and I get back that night with our cool Hunger Games popcorn bucket, which I stow on top of the fridge in my 3 a.m. blur. First thing the next morning, Bergen walks in the kitchen and says, "Hey! Did you go to Hunger Games?"

How did he even SEE it?


"Yes," I say. (It's one thing to omit information, but quite another to lie outright. I draw the line.)

"Did Christian go?" he asks.

My stomach sinks. "Yes," I answer.

"Oh," he says.

That's all. "Oh."

Sometimes they shock me.

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