Saturday, November 19, 2011

Project 40 to 41: The conversation that started it all

For my 40th birthday, my sisters and their families came down to celebrate with me. We danced. We played cards. We held ruckus, kid-centric dinners in my too-small dining room.

And we had the conversation that made me write this Jen's World column.

If broadcasting the details of my muffin top to 30,000-plus newspaper readers wasn't enough, my family had to take it to the next level. When my friend Kelly posted the link to this column on her Facebook page, the resulting comments looked like this:

[My mom] Jenny didn't mention Amy's comment about her stomach looking like a butt.
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[My mom] Amy told me to write that.
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[Me] Real nice, guys. Real nice.
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[Kelly] Witch.
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  1. Maybe you should start a group . . . or a movement! I could.use a 47 - 48 plan for my similar post-triathlon phase body

  2. Join me, Lauren! Someone has to keep me motivated... :)