Monday, November 28, 2011

I had that one good workout... on Saturday... this weekend...

Confession time: Remember how I wrote how sick I felt? And how that was just A-OK because -- hey! -- you can still exercise when you have a head cold? Even Mayo Clinic says so!

I was just a little ray of workout sunshine that day, wasn't I?

Well, I kind of want to wrestle me for that. Or at least give myself a big, fat eye roll accompanied by a sneer. Actually, that's what I'm doing now.

When I started Project 40 to 41 not even one month ago, I was determined to exercise every. single. day. for one year. No matter what. I was my own, built-in cheerleader:

A day full of meetings? Exercise!

Traveling by car, by plane, by boat? Exercise!

All levels of disease? Exercise!

Well, I'm here to tell you that I have failed miserably.

Failed, I tell you. Miserably.

Don't think I don't feel immense guilt. Because I do. But last Wednesday night, as I sunk into my bed -- "for just a minute" -- with every sinus cavity in my head filled to capacity and my face wincing in pain with every swallow and a mountain of tissues and cough drops piled on my nightstand, I just couldn't force myself back up.

Ditto for Thursday.

I made that Thanksgiving dinner. I sucked down as much ibuprofen as necessary to swallow it down. And then I watched three episodes of Mad Men on Netflix back to back until I fell asleep.

And I felt bad about it. Sure, I did. Bad enough to do some stretches across my bed for five minutes and call it "yoga."

But not guilty enough to take a walk or throw in Wii Fit or -- God forbid -- actually drive to the gym.

So where does this leave me?

It leaves me with a goal unrealized. No matter what happens now, I can't say I exercised every single day of my 40th year. That sucks. But I'm not stopping now.

On Saturday, I had a fabulous workout at the gym. I cranked up the incline on the treadmill (I usually go at 0.0 -- so this is a big deal for me) and really worked those legs.

Last night, while we watched Elf, I did jumping jacks in one-minute intervals between core work on the mat. (Turns out jumping jacks? Crazy intense for me.)

Today I'm working all day, then heading to a meeting in Cannon Falls for the night. To get a workout in today, I'll have to do it late tonight, when I'm home. And I will.

Game back on.

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