Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Video Tuesday

So, the Post-Bulletin has me make little online videos to promote the column each week. They're quick little things, but I always dread them because: (1) In order to look decent on video, I have to wear a ton of make-up; (2) I'm always throwing these videos together at the last minute, without the time nor ambition to throw on a ton of make-up. Or, in most cases, any make-up. Because, really. I work from home. It's far too much effort to get all dolled up for the cat.

So that's my disclaimer. :)

And here's today's video:


  1. I didn't know there were videos on the PB site. I guess I haven't perused it enough to find them. Cool!

  2. So great, Jen. =) Just keep being real. That's why you're loved! You're inspiring me to get back at my blog.