Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Racing the Clock

So it's a bit after 10 a.m. on this beautiful sunny Tuesday -- which means I'm roughly one day late with tomorrow's column. So what do I do? Start a new blog post!

Honestly, I can really be stellar at procrastinating. The truth is, I wrote most of this week's Jen's World in the shower this morning (where I do my best thinking). Now I just have to get it down on paper.

Yesterday was my big interview with Dr. Dallemand, the superintendent of Rochester public schools. Once I got around my pre-meeting jitters (I went to the bathroom at Dunn Bros. no fewer than four times before he arrived), I had a good conversation with Dr. D. I have to say I believe this man has honorable intentions -- and I'm interested in how readers will respond to this week's column, and what Dr. Dallemand has to say.

Of course, first there has to be something to which to respond. I'll get on that...

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