Friday, April 6, 2012

10 Vacation Observations

We're spring breakin' it up in Cozumel this week. It's our first Mexican vacay. I woke up this morning with these random thoughts:

1) I remember what a warm shower feels like. Can't wait to experience it again.

2) We have a very diligent pool guy. Our condo is on the first floor, with all windows facing the pool (and ocean, mind you). That guy is out there every morning and every night, working with that pool.

3) He's like our own private pool guy because we have been the ONLY family to use the pool all week.

4) Even though there's fab snorkeling just outside our condo and it cost us $70 to get in, the snorkeling at Chankanaab National Park was totally worth it. I was swimming with the fishies, people. WITH the fishies.

5) Cheap, knock-off, plastic ruin replicas at Chankanaab -- why bother?

6) It takes about five days to get all cocky and lax with the sunscreen. Last night the boys had trouble falling asleep because of their burns.

7) I've never wanted to go on a cruise. But those Disney ships at the pier the other day had water slides on top. Reconsidering.

8) $290 for a "four-hour fishing charter with an English-speaking crew and packaged fillets of your catch" = $290 + tip for 2-plus hour fishing charter with a crew that could say "here, take this" and "fish" and threw our fish in a used ice bag when they were shocked to find that we expected to take it with us.

9) Am I a bad mother if I say that a week, 24-hours-a-day, is a long time to spend interruption-free with these children?

10) The clear blue waters of the ocean that I'm viewing right now from my balcony is breathtakingly GORGEOUS. But so is a pine-lined Minnesota lake.

Snorkeling right outside the condo. Seriously.

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  1. Wow! What a gorgeous place for a vacation :) And on #9 - I don't think you're a bad parent at all. When my hubby and older two boys go to scout camp this summer, I'm thinking of putting my little two in the Mayo backup day care for the week. 9-5 of me time - Hopefully that doesn't make me a bad parent :)