Thursday, September 9, 2010

(In Case You're Wondering)

1- My column prints in the Rochester Post-Bulletin on Wednesdays. But the P-B doesn't put Jen's World online until at least a few days later. (You know, added incentive to get people to pay for the paper.)

So that's why I can't typically link to the current week's column. Just in case you were wondering.

2- Also, in case you were wondering: Two weeks after my surgery, I feel GREAT. Except for a bit of incision tenderness, I'm back to the norm. Gotta love modern medicine.

3- And, finally, in case you were wondering: Back to school is going great for my kids... and me. I always get a little sad when I have to return my boys to school in the fall. But they have fantastic teachers this year and I have been the model of productivity in their absence. I'd forgotten how much I can get done when actually given the time to do it.

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